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Local Energymix

Energy consumers can find out about prospective renewable energy blends and their local availability.

Predictive Production

In this forecast tool you can find out how to program your household appliances with our calculations.

About WindNODE

This platform is part of a WindNODE subproject implemented by Pumacy Technologies AG.

Data is seen as one of the decisive accelerators of the advancing energy transition. The large amounts of data (big data) occurring in the energy industry are not only characterized by their sheer volume and the necessary processing speed, but above all by their extremely different structure, so that merging, combining and visualizing this data is by no means trivial.

The Workstreams

With this consumer platform, a powerful core system is used to implement any data correlations, both for use cases in the energy sector and beyond. Behind this core system is a Search Based Application (SBA) that was developed on an open source basis.

In the local energy mix, the theoretically maximum possible energy generation from solar and wind energy is forecast on a postcode basis. Data analyzes for industrial companies have also already been implemented: For example, a scenario for production planning was implemented in which certain energy-intensive process steps can be postponed in times of high availability of renewable electricity.